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Learning to make soap is tricky business, and can even be dangerous. For most people they don't have the time, for others its a huge invstment. So here at The Bubble Lab Soa Co we are meeting you in the middle! We are giving you the opportunity to be part of the creative process without all the risk. We have tried to make ordering as simple as possible while giving you as many options possible. To start off, all soap bases will have Castor, Coconut, and Olive Oils unless you state you have an allergy to any of those oils. You can read our blog post about the benefits of certain oilss to understand why we use these oils as our base. Here's where the fun begins. You can choose up to three colors, two luxury oils, up to three butters, and up to two additives, and one fragrance. You seen the list of available options when you clicked on this page. The base price of a loaf is $45, the more you add the more the price goes up, but not by much we promise! IMPORTANT: Choose the options available in the drop down menus, add the loaf to your cart and once you have checked out you must email us immediately at with your color choice(s), fragrance choice, luxury oil choice(s), and additive choice(s). Please keep in mind additives are optional. And if there is a specific butter, oil, or fragrance not listed you would like please include it in your email along with your order number and phone number. Let us know if you want the colors stacked or swirled. Loaves come precut and will require up to one week to produce before shipping and soap needs at least 4 weeks to cure. Make sure once you receive your loaf you place it in a cool, dry place to finish curing. If you have a wire rack to let air flow all around the soap, even better. Make sure all sides of each bar is exposed to air to avoid DOS. Please watch your email or share your phone number in case we have any questions.

Custom Soap Loaf

PriceFrom $45.00
Excluding Sales Tax
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