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  • Understanding What is in Your Soap

    As a company that is dedicated to providing our customers with the highest quality of soaps and beauty products, we feel it is important for us to help you understand exactly what it is you are buying and how it benefits you. This post will be all about our wonderfully luxurious soaps, their ingredients, and how those ingredients help your mind, body, and soul. All of the soaps we sell (excluding wholesale loaves) have been specially formulated by our Lead Artisan (chemist) and is handcrafted in small batches. The majority of our soaps are made using the cold-process method, but we also make some hot-processed soaps as well as melt and pour novelty soaps. Melt and pour soaps are made from pre-made soap bases that we purchase and use to create most of our novelty soaps and embeds for some our cold-process soaps. Other than the melt and pour bases, all of our soaps are made from scratch. All of our ingredients are organic and vegan. In our soaps the only thing that is not from Mother Earth is the Sodium Hydroxide, or what you would know to be lye crystals. I know what you're thinking, but without the lye there is no soap. In order to make a loaf of soap the oils and butters need to go through what is called saponification. Saponification is a process that converts fats, oils, or lipids (the acid) into soap by combining them with sodium hydroxide (lye, the base). The chemical reaction relies on friction and self-generated heat. Through saponification, the acid and the base are neutralized. (Hence why we say "chemist" and called ourselves The Bubble Lab) Now let's talk about the good stuff, oils and butters! these ingredients are the heart of our soaps. Every ingredient we use has been thoroughly tested for quality as well as we make sure our suppliers use only environmentally ethical practices and they care about sustainability. Some oils are notorious for being unethically sourced. Palm oil is at the top of this list because it has been and still is a major driver of deforestation of some of the world's most biodiverse forests, destroying the habitat of already endangered species like the orangutan, pygmy elephant, and Sumatran rhino. We want all our customers to rest assured when we do use palm oil it was verified to be ethically sourced. Our supplier has been verified by and carries the Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil's seal, which exists to safeguard palm oil products and ensures they are mad ethically and sustainably. And the same goes for any other ingredient we use, down to the colorants! As stated before, our Lead Artisan/Chemist formulates every recipe we use. What we are most known for is our collection of what we call our butter bars. We have several combinations of double, triple, and quad butter bars and then our top dog, the 5 Butter Bar. You will not find these bars anywhere else. The main butters we use are: Avocado, Cocoa, Kokum, Mango, and Shea. But we are introducing new butters, such as: Aloe, Coffee, Cranberry, Cupuacu, Hemp, and Murumuru. Why do we use butters? In general, butters not only help add a luxurious feel to your soap, but it really shows your skin a lot of love. Butters also help contribute to the firmness of the soap, but when we use too much it can inhibit lather and even cause the soap the crack. It's a definite balancing act to get the right amount of butter with the right amount of oils to make long-lasting, highly lathering, and perfectly luxurious soaps that will make you love the skin you're in. When it comes to the oils we use, that is a long list. We pride ourselves on providing as much variety for our customers as possible. We get that everyone's skin is different, so we want to ensure we have products for every generation, every skin type. To achieve that we have formulated a plethora of recipes with so many different oil and butter varieties. You know the butters we use, here's the list of oils you can find in our bars: Avocado Coconut Castor Palm Palm Kernel Shea Pure Olive Extra Virgin Olive Pomace Olive Macadamia Nut Sunflower Canola Green Tea Seed Sweet Almond Oil Apricot Jojoba Argon Hemp Seed Vitamin E Rice Bran Tamanu Squalene Babassu Oat Evening Primrose Meadowfoam Rosehip Kukui Nut Coffee Seed Borage Watermelon Seed Moringa Seed Carrot Seed Plum Grapeseed Wheatgerm Raspberry Seed Apple Seed Each oil delivers their own benefits and all contribute to making wonderful soaps we know you are sure to love. Many of our competitors use the same few basic recipes with just different fragrances and colorants. Here at The Bubble Lab Soap Co we don't keep it basic and to go that extra mile for you, we offer custom soap loaves so you can be in charge of the ingredients that go into your soap. For more information be sure to check out our post about Custom Soap Loaves. Everything you need to know will be there! We hope this post gave you a bit of insight into the oils and butters we use, and please stay tuned for more posts reguarding our oils and butters. We will get more in depth with exactly what each oil and butter brings to the table. Thank you for reading this post and thank you for taking interest in our amazing products! *******Disclaimer******* The majority of our soap and body butters contain Sweet Almond Oil and sometimes other oils. If you have nut allergies please reach out so we can get you to the soaps that would be safe for your beautiful skin!


    The Bubble Lab Soap Co pledges to follow ethical manufacturing practices in the production of his soaps and cosmetics. We pledge to ensure that our soaps and cosmetics are safe for use by the consumer. We pledge to accurately label our soaps and cosmetics in accordance with the current regulations of the authorized governmental body in this country. We pledge to provide accurate information to her customers regarding the ingredients, benefits and use of our products. The Bubble Lab Soap Co pledges to operate under socially and environmentally moral ethics. We pledge to respect our customers, employees, and our planet. We pledge to protect our planet by being a zero-waste, ethically sourced company that uses only biodegradable and recyclable materials in our packaging. We pledge to ensure all our ingredients and products are cruelty-free. The Bubble Lab Soap Co pledges to be a vital part of our community, providing jobs and opportunities for as many people as we can. We pledge to make our philanthropy projects just as important as the products we sell. We pledge to constantly strive to give back to the earth as we take through supporting organic farming. We pledge to always consider our impact on the environment and habitats, aquatic life, and water supplies. The Bubble Lab Soap Co pledges to make our customers a priority. We pledge to constantly strive to improve on customer service, product selection, and listening to what our customers wants and needs are. We pledge to make every customer feel safe when they use our products. We pledge to make sure every customer is satisfied with their purchase. We pledge to always add new and exciting products that Gen X, Y, and Z will love. Most importantly, we pledge to use our platform to do as much good as possible while delivering products our customers cannot live without. We pledge to make top-quality, skin loving products that respect what we value most: Life and our beautiful planet.

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  • Handmade Soap | The Bubble Lab Soap Co

    W e l c o m e t o T h e B u b b l e L a b S o a p C o Are you ready to stop using chemicals in a bottle on your skin? Do you want to actually know what the ingredients in your bath and beauty products are? Then you are exactly where you need to be! We spent months in the Lab formulating several amazing recipes for a wide array of luxurious handmade soaps, body butters, sugar scrubs, bath bombs, and lip care products that will cover every skin type and every skin need. H O M E O F T H E 5 B U T T E R S B A R S... Yes, you read that right! We have formulated several combinations of 5 Butters Bars that you won't find anywhere else. Each bar is made using only top-quality, ethically sourced ingredients and the butters we currently use are: Aloe, Avocado, Cap uacu, Cocoa, Coffee, Kokum, Mango, Murumuru, and Shea Butters! For those looking to splurge on their skin, be sure to check out our Lux 5 Butters Bars. A N D Q U A D B U T T E R B A R.. Using the same butters, we have formulated the several combinations of Quad Butter Bars we know you are sure to love! A N D T R I P L E & D O U B L E B U T T E R B A R S... For those of you who want to take it down a notch on the butters, we have created several options of Triple & Double Butters Bars for you to try (and fall in love with), as well as many bars with only one butter in it, great for oily skin! ​ Thank you for supporting our small business! Be sure to check out our blog page to enter contests and see what we are doing to give back to our community! Learn More About Us Say Hello Pinterest

  • Shipping/FAQs/Store Policies | The Bubble Lab

    S h i p p i n g Orders under $50 - $8.99 Shipping & Handling. Orders $50-$99 - $9.99 Shipping & Handling. Orders over $100 - FREE Shipping & Handling. Shipping & Handling fee. Orders are shipped Monday through Friday. Major holidays like Christmas and Labor Day are not included in transit times. USPS normally takes 2-3 transit days but may take up to 10. If your package goes missing, contact us at or 734-344-5113. USPS Parcel Select Ground normally takes between 10-15 business days to deliver. If you are located in Alaska or Hawaii, delivery can take between 15-30 business days. If your package goes missing, please contact your local post office for assistance. UPS 2-Day Air orders placed before noon PST will ship the same business day. Orders placed after noon will ship the following business day. UPS 2-Day Air doesn’t deliver on Saturdays or Sundays, so an order placed after noon on Thursday will arrive Monday. If you need guaranteed delivery, this is your best option. UPS 3-Day Air orders placed before noon PST will ship the same business day. Orders placed after noon will ship the following business day. UPS 3-Day Air doesn’t deliver on Saturdays or Sundays, so an order placed after noon on Thursday will arrive Tuesday. If you need guaranteed delivery, this is your best option. Ground shipping takes around 5 days to deliver in the US from our Monroe, MI fulfillment center. It can be USPS, UPS, or FedEx at our discretion. Ground doesn’t guarantee any specific delivery time and it can take up to 10 days. Find a list of transit times below. Certain areas of your state may be more easily accessible, so you’ll see it more than once. US based ONLY, no international shipping. Damaged Orders or Missing Items : We can issue a refund or replace your missing, incorrect, or damaged items within 7days of purchase. Please check your order as soon as possible. If anything is missing or incorrect, call 734-344-5113 or email Please include your order number and a list of the items. If your order is damaged, please take photos of the items, box, and labels then email it to us. If you choose a replacement, we’ll ship it to the original shipping address. If a package is sent to an incorrect address and returned to us, you are responsible for the cost to ship it again. Order Cancellations: We allow cancellations up to one hour after the order is placed. First, log into your Bubble Lab account. Then, click My Orders - you’ll see options to reorder or cancel. The cancel option is only available if it’s within the hour time limit. Bulk or Large Orders: If you need a size larger than we offer on the website, email . Returns: Eligible items must be unused and in saleable condition. That includes packaging, molds, books, stamps, toys, scales, tools, etc. Because we guarantee the safety and purity of our material, we can’t accept returns on any consumables including sodium and potassium hydroxide, essential oils, fragrance oils, colorants, soap bases, herbs, fixed oils, waxes, liquids, powders, or butters. If you want to return an item, please call us at 734-344-5113 or email us at within 7 days for a resolution or a Return Merchandise Authorization (RMA). We cannot accept returns without prior authorization. All unsolicited products will not be refunded or returned. All refunds for the product price are applied to the original method of payment. Original and return shipping costs, associated fees, duties, and taxes will not be refunded. We recommended insuring the return and getting the tracking information. Please allow us 10 business days to process returns. Out of Stock Items: While we strive to keep all of our products in stock, they do run out occasionally. If an item goes out of stock while your order is in the fulfillment center, we’ll back order it and ship everything else. We’ll email you to let you know. If you want the back-order item removed or if you want to swap it for something else, email Payment Methods: We accept Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Discover, and PayPal. We do not accept personal checks or money orders. We will be adding Affirm as a payment option soon. If your card is declined, it’s likely an incorrect address or security code. We take our customer's security very seriously, so we need the exact billing address and security codes for all of our credit card transactions. You can call us at 734-344-5113 to help with payment. We don’t recommend emailing credit card information. The Bubble Lab Soap Co Fulfillment Hours: Our fulfillment center is located in Monroe, MI. We ship orders from 9:30 a.m. to 4 p.m. PST, Monday-Friday. We don’t ship on the weekends or during holidays. Our fulfillment center is not open to walk-in shoppers. Handmade Soap Process and Ingredients *What's in your handmade soap? We use only the finest, ethically sourced oils, butter, and additives in our products. We do use Sweet Almond Oil in almost all of our products, so we do not recommend using our products if you have severe nut allergies. You can check out our Blog Page to see a complete list of every ingredient we use and what they do for your skin! *Do you test on animals? Absolutely NOT! We even make sure that our suppliers follow the same moral and ethical standards as the Bubble Lab. *Are The Bubble Lab Soaps "cruelty free"? We do not use animal products that result in the death of that animal for the primary use in making our product. All our soaps are vegetable oil based, we do not use Lard or Tallow in any of our products either. *Do you use any animal products in your soaps? Yes, we do. We use goat's milk in some bar soaps and milk baths. All other soaps are vegetable based and contain no animal products. *What are "superfatted" soaps and are yours superfatted? Superfatting is defined as a practice that involves adding an excess of oils/fats to the soap batch beyond those calculated to completely saponify with the lye. As in adding an extra amount of oil to your soap recipe but keeping the lye amount the same, or using the same amount of oil and less lye. All of our recipes are superfatted at 5%. *Where do you get all of your product recipes? Glad you asked! The soap chemists at The Bubble Lab spent months researching and going through many trial and error batches of soaps and other products so that we could create a wide array of products to fit the needs of every skin type. Besides our Vicious Kiss Lip Gloss's, each recipe was created by and belongs only to The Bubble Lab Soap Co. Allergies and Sensitivities to Soap and Fragrance *I'm allergic to fragrance. Do you have any soap for me? Why yes, we do! We recommend using our Unscented Castile or Unscented Bastille Soaps, or you can request to customize one of our Double or Triple Butter Bar loaves. You can have the loaves made unscented and you can customize up to 3 colors. Custom Double Butter Loaves start at $80 and Triple Butter Loaves start at $90, limit 10 loaves per order. Loaves take 4-7 business days to make and ship, standard shipping rates apply. Loaves come precut into 10 one-inch bars, and we suggest letting your bars cure for at least 4 weeks before use. You can check out our Blog Page to learn more about the curing process! *I have sensitive skin - Will I be able to use your soap? Absolutely! We have several options made specifically for sensitive skin! All products have their ingredients listed to make it easier for you to see if they contain ingredients you may be sensitive to. ​ Soap Bar Size, Use and Storage *What's the size of your soap? The size of soaps varies, but each one is cut at 1 inch wide. Weight also varies, but each product has the weight listed. *How long does a bar of your soap typically last? Most of our customers say a bar of our soap lasts them between 3-4 weeks. This is based on normal use. If you're lathering up six different times because you're enjoying the scent and experience, obviously a bar isn't going to last that long! As the saying goes - your mileage may vary. *What should I do to make my soap last longer? Let your soap dry out between uses, by putting your soap on some kind of a soap dish that allows air to circulate around the bar. A 'proper' soap dish will either raise the bar up for air to circulate from beneath, or contain air holes for drainage of water below the soap. If you store your soap in the little alcove built into most shower stalls and tub surrounds, the shower spray will continually soak your soap. You will literally see your soap's glycerin, and your money, go down the drain. You can also use a sisal bag or netted sponge to further extend the soap's lather. Our handmade natural soaps will last longer if you take care of them! *How long does your Soap stay Fresh? Our soaps usually stay 'good' for years. In fact, the older a soap gets, the longer it will last when you finally combine it with water in your shower. However, time does affect the intensity of a soap's fragrance. For best fragrance, we recommend that you enjoy your soaps within six months of purchase. But we have had customers tell us about soap forgotten for years in their linen drawer that they are able to identify by scent years later! *What is the "white powder" on top of some of your bars? While this is very rare for our bars, but occasionally you may see some "white stuff" on top of our soaps. This is called soda ash and is a harmless substance that forms when air reaches a batch of soap in its first 24 hours of life. You are most likely to see it on our peppermint soaps, and on batches made using 12" silicone molds (because the tops are exposed during saponification. It will rinse off the first time you use the soap. *Can I use your soap to wash my hair? While almost all of our soap bars can be used on your hair, we recommend using our Shampoo Bar because we specially formulated to be perfect for your lovely locks! Best part, there's no empty plastic bottles to throw away when your bar is all gone! Ordering Our Products *Can I Order by Phone? Yes, you can! Just call us M - F 9 am - 6 pm, Saturday 9 am - 8 pm, or Sunday 10 am - 6 pm at 734-344-5113 and one of our associates will be happy to help! *Can I Order by Mail or Fax? Sorry but no, we do not take personal checks, so this option is not available. *What are your business hours? Monday - Friday 9 am - 6 pm Saturday 9 am - 8 pm Sunday 10 am - 6 pm *What kind of Credit Cards can I use? We accept all major credit cards. *Can I pay COD? Unfortunately, this is not an option we offer. *Do you take PayPal? Yes! We are huge supporters of PayPal and the protection it offers us and our customers! *Do you accept checks? Unfortunately, we are not accepting personal checks at this time. * Do I need to create an account to buy from your store? While you don't NEED to create account, we certainly recommend it. It helps you keep track of orders, maintain a Wishlist, and is helpful if we need to pull up an order for you. If you want to join in any of our Blog Page contests you will need to create an account. ​ Shipping, Return Policies and Product Guarantee How is my order shipped? We generally ship all orders by US Postal Service Priority Mail. You may select UPS options, but the 'Free Shipping' special on US Postal Service shipping does not apply. Other options are available upon request. Just email for rates. When will my order be shipped? Most orders ship within 2-5 business days, excluding custom loaves which usually ship within 4-7 business days. Will you ship to International Locations? Currently we only ship to US based states. My order was damaged in shipping. What should I do? Please contact us immediately to let us know what happened, and we'll arrange for you to return the damaged item(s) to us. We will replace the item(s) free of charge excluding return shipping. If damaged during shipping, please email us photos of the damaged box/items at . How do I file a claim if my order arrives damaged? If a package is obviously damaged upon arrival, please refuse delivery and notify us immediately. If there's no visible damage on the outside of the box, but when you open it, the contents are damaged, please notify us within 48 hours of receipt of order to place a claim. The shipping carrier who delivered your package might need to come to your home to inspect the damaged order, so please keep all boxes, packaging materials, and product intact if you want to process a claim. What is your return policy? Please contact us for return authorization before you pack the item for shipment. If we've made a mistake in what we shipped to you, the cost of shipping the incorrect items back to us is our cost. Shipping costs are non refundable, as are customized product and gift wrapped products. Examples of customized products are custom cut products (soap favors as an example), custom scented lotions and salves in fragrances you selected, custom wrapped or seasonally wrapped soap, samplers or gift set orders. We do not accept the return of products because a customer doesn't care for the scent of the product they ordered, and this includes our unscented soaps that have the natural odor of the vegetable oils from which they are made. I received your soap as a gift. Can I exchange it? We want you to be 100% satisfied, so yes, you can. Return your items unopened, un-used and in re-sellable condition within three days from when you received your purchase and we will exchange it for another item of your choice less shipping costs. Contact us for return authorization before you pack up the item(s), and we'll guide you from there. Do you guarantee your products? We want you to be 100% satisfied with our soap. If for any reason, you are not satisfied, let us know. We'll do our best to make it right for you. Please keep in mind the nature of natural, personal care products, and understand that we cannot accept for exchange items that you have opened, handled, cut or used. We do not accept the return of products because a customer doesn't care for the scent of the product they ordered, and this includes our unscented soaps that have the natural odor of the vegetable oils from which they are made. Shipping costs are always non-refundable. Wholesale, Fundraising and Office Parties Do you sell your soap wholesale to other stores? While this is not an option now, we are working hard to expand to provide this service. Can our Non-Profit group use your soap as a fundraiser? Absolutely! Just email us at ATTN Non-Profit Dept and one of our associates will reach out shortly to discuss your options! Can a non-Business Owner sell your soaps? No, we are not a wholesale supplier and we do not currently offer private label products for resale. This may change in the future. ​ Customer Reward Points How do I earn points? This is very easy. First you must register as a retail customer, because this is what allows your points to accumulate. Then just shop! For every ten dollars you spend, you earn a point or dollar back. Couldn't be any easier. Points accumulate on all items available in our online store but not on shipping or tax. Another opportunity for earning points is to refer a friend or family member to us. If they place an order, you will be awarded 10% off your next order and they receive 10% off their first order for your referral. How many points can I earn? You can earn as many as you want! Just keep shopping and placing orders at our website and those points will add up. 1 point for each $10 you spend. How do I redeem my points? When you are checking out, simply choose the "Rewards" payment option and enter the number of points you wish to use. Please note that points can only be applied to cart contents - not shipping or tax. Your redemption rate is one point per ten dollars you spend. You can save them up and use them for something special or use them as they accumulate. What value do my points have? 1-point equals one dollar ($1.00). That means for every $10 you spend, you'll end up with $1.00 off your next, or any following order! That's $10.00 for every $100 you spend. So, start shopping and let the savings begin! Please note that you will not see your points until your order has been processed and shipped. Why don't I see my points on the order I just placed? To prevent fraud, no points are rewarded until the order is completed. This gives us time to verify that the payment is received, and all information is legit. Once the order is complete, your points will be rewarded. Simply login to your retail customer account to see your current point total. Can I use my points on phone or email orders? Unfortunately, no. Our Rewards Points Program is for online retail orders only. The higher costs of administrative paperwork when we process phone and mail orders, as well as the higher percentage we have to pay to process credit cards via phone (as compared to you placing your own order online), prevents us from giving a points discount on phone and mail orders. If you order online, you can accumulate points on all your orders, all the time! I don't see my question answered here? We've made an attempt to answer all questions, but if you have a question that's not been answered, please use our contact form and we'll get right back to you with the answer. If it's something that we think others might benefit from, we'll add it to this page.

  • About | The Bubble Lab

    A b o u t O u r S t o r e Time for Soapagedon - Putting an end to dirt and dry skin as we know it! The Bubble Lab Soap Co is a small, female-owned and operated business that is dedicated to bringing you top-quality skin and beauty products that are made just like we prefer our people....non-toxic! Because we love our planet and we love the people on it, we only use the best quality, ethically sourced oils, butters, and additives. We promise no rain forests or critters are ever harmed in the making of our handmade soaps or other products! I know, you're probably wondering why you should make the switch from using your typical store-bought bar soaps, body washes, butters, etc to our amazing products here at The Bubble Lab? Well, sure you could keep using your usual products to save hardly any money. The upside is you absorb enough chemicals through your skin to clean your toilet when you pee. Not to mention store brand products have enough parabens and chemical preservatives in them that they could possibly preserve your skin, you know, in a mumification kinda way. The truth is we have worked hard to create a vast array of ever-growing products to fit every skin type out there. We didn't want to box ourselves in by creating one specific product that fits one specific need. We have spent months in the Lab formulating and testing a wide array of recipes to ensure we got everyone's back..and front, side, face.... ​ And always remember this valuable fact, no one has ever said they regret taking such good care of their one, ever. ​ ​ Shop Now M e e t T h e T e a m "I don't believe in wrinkles, it's just relaxed fit skin." - Sheree Hi there! First off thank you for taking the time to read about our team! The Bubble Lab has been an unexpected blessing I created with my niece (psst, she's over there -->) during the summer of '22. A couple of years ago my husband's hands, feet, and other areas of his body started breaking out in painful blisters. What we originally believed was poison ivy, now 3 years later is a skin condition we still have yet to have properly identified. After months of research, and a lot of trial and error, we created soaps that actually gave him the relief he needed. It had been a long time since I have seen him with clear skin in years. In that moment we knew we had created something that would be very special to us. And now we hope The Bubble Lab Soap Co becomes very special to you too. Please be sure to check out our blog page to learn more about our zero-waste commitment, pay-it-forward program, exciting contests, and so much more! Peace, Love, & Happiness, Sheree p.s. You can't buy happiness, but you can buy our soaps, and let's face it, that's basically the same thing. ​ ​ "A mouth without lip gloss is like a cupcake without icing." - Joz Hello! You know I gotta thank you too! We are beyond excited for you to try out all of our amazing creations! We have poured out hearts and souls into the Bubble Lab Soap Co, so whenever you purchase our products it's like you're getting a little piece of our hearts too! Before the Bubble Lab was even an idea, I was at a weird time in my life, unsure of what I wanted to do, unsure what my passions were. But with my aunt's artistic abilities and her devotion to creating awesome products (that actually work), along with her belief in my abilities to do the same, I learned how passionate I am about creating amazing soaps and skin care products for amazing people just like you! I am dedicated to formulating products that you cannot live without! I am dedicated to the pursuit of clean and clear healthy skin! And I am 100% dedicated to making you love the skin you're in! All my love, Joz p.s. No matter how good our products make you smell, never walk out of the bathroom smelling your fingers.

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