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About Our Store

Time for Soapagedon - Putting an end to dirt and dry skin as we know it!

The Bubble Lab Soap Co is a small, female-owned and operated business that is dedicated to bringing you top-quality skin and beauty products that are made just like we prefer our people....non-toxic! Because we love our planet and we love the people on it, we only use the best quality, ethically sourced oils, butters, and additives. We promise no rain forests or critters are ever harmed in the making of our handmade soaps or other products! 

I know, you're probably wondering why you should make the switch from using your typical store-bought bar soaps, body washes, butters, etc to our amazing products here at The Bubble Lab? Well, sure you could keep using your usual products to save hardly any money. The upside is you absorb enough chemicals through your skin to clean your toilet when you pee. Not to mention store brand products have enough parabens and chemical preservatives in them that they could possibly preserve your skin, you know, in a mumification kinda way. 

The truth is we have worked hard to create a vast array of ever-growing products to fit every skin type out there. We didn't want to box ourselves in by creating one specific product that fits one specific need. We have spent months in the Lab formulating and testing a wide array of recipes to ensure we got everyone's back..and front, side, face.... 

And always remember this valuable fact, no one has ever said they regret taking such good care of their one, ever.

Meet The Team

"I don't believe in wrinkles, it's just relaxed fit skin." - Sheree

 Hi there! First off thank you for taking the time to read about our team! The Bubble Lab has been an unexpected blessing I created with my niece (psst, she's over there -->) during the summer of '22. A couple of years ago my husband's hands, feet, and other areas of his body started breaking out in painful blisters. What we originally believed was poison ivy, now 3 years later is a skin condition we still have yet to have properly identified. After months of research, and a lot of trial and error, we created soaps that actually gave him the relief he needed. It had been a long time since I have seen him with clear skin in years. In that moment we knew we had created something that would be very special to us. And now we hope The Bubble Lab Soap Co becomes very special to you too. Please be sure to check out our blog page to learn more about our zero-waste commitment, pay-it-forward program, exciting contests, and so much more!

                                Peace, Love, & Happiness,


p.s. You can't buy happiness, but you can buy our soaps, and let's face it, that's basically the same thing.

"A mouth without lip gloss is like a cupcake without icing." - Joz

Hello! You know I gotta thank you too! We are beyond excited for you to try out all of our amazing creations! We have poured out hearts and souls into the Bubble Lab Soap Co, so whenever you purchase our products it's like you're getting a little piece of our hearts too! Before the Bubble Lab was even an idea, I was at a weird time in my life, unsure of what I wanted to do, unsure what my passions were. But with my aunt's artistic abilities and her devotion to creating awesome products (that actually work), along with her belief in my abilities to do the same, I learned how passionate I am about creating amazing soaps and skin care products for amazing people just like you! I am dedicated to formulating products that you cannot live without! I am dedicated to the pursuit of clean and clear healthy skin! And I am 100% dedicated to making you love the skin you're in! 

                                                        All my love,


p.s. No matter how good our products make you smell, never walk out of the bathroom smelling your fingers.

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