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Body Butter, Lotion, Scrubs, & more...

Customized Body Butters Coming Soon!

Have you ever wished you could take control of what is in the body butter or lotions you use? If the answer is yes, then you are exactly where you need to be! While we have some fabulous ready-to-use butters and lotions, here at The Bubble Lab Soap Co we have also made it possible for you to control many of the ingredients and fragrances added to your products!

We have made it easier than ever to help you create your perfect product(s). Our body butters come in 6 oz PET jars and lotions come in 8 oz PET squeeze bottles. Once you decide if you want lotion or body butter (or maybe you want both), then you need to choose the ingredients. Below we have listed the oils, butters, fragrances, and other additives you can choose from. For lotions you can choose up to 2 butters, 3 oils, your fragrance of choice, up to 2 colors, and you have the option of choosing an extra additive like rose clay. We do recommend only using clays and other additives in body butters. Your order will be made same day and shipped within 3 days. We use a skin-safe, eco-friendly broad-spectrum preservative to ensure your products maintain a long shelf life and top-shelf, plant-based emulsifiers to ensure your products stay creamy and luxurious. 

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