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New Art Posting Alert: FAA (Fine Art America) Update/Review

Greetings my faithful readers!

I have truly been enjoying posting my art pieces on Fine Art America. I haven't made any sales yet but I have oly been a member for 7 days. And for a $30 a year membership fee, I can't complain. I have been doing well in some of the contests and I have been trying to be a part of the discussions. There are thousands of artists to compete with on sales, but surprisingly not that many entering the contests. I hope as I grow my social media following I will be able to get more traffic to FAA. Fingers crossed and stay tuned for more updates. I will post at least once a week about my experiences with this site, and I will do y'all a solid and not drag the posts out. Please be sure to check out my new listings as well as art produced by many other great artists. Of course I want to make sales, but I also believe in supporting my fellow artists.

Warm regards,


For Neons (be sure to check out my whole collection, you can find my artwork by searching Sheree Davis):

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