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Step into the poetic realm of Shades of Sorrow—our canvas gallery wraps in soulful blues and greys redefine your space with a touch of urban cool. Crafted from artist-grade cotton, each piece is a textured masterpiece, varying slightly in print to suit your chosen size. Choose your emotional canvas:


✨ 100% cotton fabric for vivid, detailed prints that captivate.

🎨 0.0135 inch (13.5 mil) thick, 400gsm canvas for durability and lasting beauty.

🛡️ Closed MDF backing ensures added protection for your artistic investment.

🌌 Indoor use only—because emotional depth deserves a prime spot in your haven.

Dive into Shades of Sorrow, where cool meets profound, and each size tells its own story. 💙🎨

Shades of Sorrow - Canvas Gallery Wrap

Excluding Sales Tax
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