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Elevate your space with our Rainbow Watercolor Area Rugs—combining style and comfort effortlessly. 🌈✨ Available in three sizes (24x36 inches, 36x60 inches, and 48x72 inches) and both horizontal and vertical shapes, this durable rug is poised to make a bold statement in any room.

💖 Infuse your space with personality by adding playful, colorful, or stylish graphics that effortlessly match your aesthetics. This area rug boasts hemmed edges and a coated backing, making it ready for any flat-lay design.

🌟 Features:

100% Polyester Chenille

Multiple sizes for versatile styling

Hemmed edges for a polished look

Grey underside for a sleek finish

📏 Size Variance:

24" × 36" +/- 2"

36" × 60" +/- 3"

48" × 72" +/- 3.5"

Transform your space into a vibrant masterpiece with our stylish Rainbow Watercolor Area Rugs. 🏡🌺

Rainbow Watercolor Area Rugs

PriceFrom $29.75
Excluding Sales Tax
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