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Why is neem so special? Well, it’s all thanks to its properties. This Ayurvedic medicinal solution acts as an anti-inflammatory, antibacterial, and antimicrobial, which means it’s a significant ingredient in your routine. Neem soap is good to cleanse the skin, without stripping it off its natural oils. It nourishes and repairs damage, and also prevents it from getting damaged even further. This makes it perfect for those with acne, eczema, psoriasis, and other skin conditions. Only $9 a bar!

Ingredients: Distilled Water, Sunflower Oil, Coconut Oil, Sodium hydroxide, Castor Oil, Palm Kernel Oil, Cocoa Butter, Neem Oil, Shea Butter, Sodium Lactate, Fragrance, Oxide.

Neem Oil Soap

SKU: 00052
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