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Elevate your space with "Celestial Icons - Jimi." This extraordinary art piece, expertly printed on high-quality canvas gallery wraps, promises to be a captivating focal point in any room. The artist-grade cotton substrate ensures exceptional clarity and detail, bringing the iconic image of Jimi Heendrix to life.

Choose from various sizes and orientations, including horizontal, vertical, and square options, to perfectly complement your decor. The closed back canvases feature a solid support face, constructed with patented precision, guaranteeing durability and stability.

Crafted from 100% cotton fabric with a substantial 400gsm weight, this art piece is a testament to both quality and sophistication. The closed MDF backing enhances the overall structure, making it ready to grace your walls with timeless charm.

Please note that "Celestial Icons - Jimi" is designed for indoor use, ensuring that its allure is preserved for years to come. Bring the out of this world rock-n-roll vibe of Jimi Hendrix into your home with this stunning canvas gallery wrap – a true masterpiece in every sense.


Celestial Icons - Jimi

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