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The Bubble Lab Soap Co pledges to follow ethical manufacturing practices in the production of his soaps and cosmetics. We pledge to ensure that our soaps and cosmetics are safe for use by the consumer. We pledge to accurately label our soaps and cosmetics in accordance with the current regulations of the authorized governmental body in this country. We pledge to provide accurate information to her customers regarding the ingredients, benefits and use of our products.

The Bubble Lab Soap Co pledges to operate under socially and environmentally moral ethics. We pledge to respect our customers, employees, and our planet. We pledge to protect our planet by being a zero-waste, ethically sourced company that uses only biodegradable and recyclable materials in our packaging. We pledge to ensure all our ingredients and products are cruelty-free.

The Bubble Lab Soap Co pledges to be a vital part of our community, providing jobs and opportunities for as many people as we can. We pledge to make our philanthropy projects just as important as the products we sell. We pledge to constantly strive to give back to the earth as we take through supporting organic farming. We pledge to always consider our impact on the environment and habitats, aquatic life, and water supplies.

The Bubble Lab Soap Co pledges to make our customers a priority. We pledge to constantly strive to improve on customer service, product selection, and listening to what our customers wants and needs are. We pledge to make every customer feel safe when they use our products. We pledge to make sure every customer is satisfied with their purchase. We pledge to always add new and exciting products that Gen X, Y, and Z will love.

Most importantly, we pledge to use our platform to do as much good as possible while delivering products our customers cannot live without. We pledge to make top-quality, skin loving products that respect what we value most: Life and our beautiful planet.

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