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Soap Making and Beauty Product Courses Coming Soon!

Updated: Nov 20, 2023

I am excited to announce that we will be launching our online soap making and beauty product formulation courses starting in August of 202! Courses will cover soap making, lip care products, labeling, design ideas, and so much more! Each month we will release a new course on our website as well as it will be available on Udemy. Courses will be available for a $15 donation. The funds collected from the courses will be going towards helping us create a space to teach classes in person as well as live on Zoom. We will also be creating kits to match the courses which will be available in our online store. Each kit will contain everything you need to complete each course. If you would rather purchase supplies elsewhere, the course will list everything you need to complete the assignment. I am excited to share all the knowledge and experience I have with you. If you are learning for fun or you are trying to create a small business, the courses I have created will not only help you learn to create, but you can learn from my mistakes, saving yourself, time, money, and a ton of grief. I have paid for many courses myself, as well as watched every single free video for my industry on YouTube. I have learned not everyone knows what they are doing, but most of all many leave out crucial information. I have made sure my courses will not leave you hanging. And I will be available to help you if/when needed.

I look forward to posting my first course which is all about how to label 10 ml and 15 ml lip gloss squeeze tubes. Anyone who has ever tried to label this popular and affordable style tube then you know how difficult it is to get a successful label and if you've watched any of the videos on YouTube, you know how repetitive they all are and 95% of the time don't work out for you. That's because they are all missing "the trick." But if you wanna know more you gotta wait for the course....

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May 18, 2023
Rated 5 out of 5 stars.

Can’t wait!

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