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We have been working hard in the lab to formulate the perfect body butter recipes and are excited to announce we will be adding the option for you to customize your body butter! You will be able to choose up to three butters, one specialty oil, up to two colors, and of course you get to choose from our amazing list of fragrances! And the best part, you can customize a loaf of soap to match! And for the cherry on top, if you customize both we will give you three free bath bombs to complete your set!

Also, we will soon be adding our custom printing services! Yes you read that right! We will soon be offering sublimation and digital heat transfer printing for all types of apparel and merchandise! Planning on shopping for someone else? Our new services will help you create a wonderful, one-of-a-kind gift for your someone special! Want to customize but not sure where to start? We got you there too, simply reach out through chat, call or text 734-344-5113, email us at, or find us on Facebook or Instagram and one of our artisans will be happy to help you!

We apologize for the slow movement but between inflation and still having to work other jobs, it's not been easy making our dream a reality. We appreciate your patience, and we promise to deliver the rest of our amazing products and services soon!

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